Foundations of Adults Learning and Developments in Adult Education
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Täiskasvanute õppimise alused ja täiskasvanuhariduse arengud
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Foundations of Adults Learning and Developments in Adult Education
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lecturer of 2021/2022  Autumn semester
Larissa Jõgi (language of instruction:English)
lecturer of 2021/2022  Spring semester
lecturer not assigned
Course aims
To create opportunities for analysing problems and possibilities for adults learning in the varies fields of adult education.
Brief description of the course
The context of adult learning and adult education will be explored with a primary focus on the Estonian and European context including professional practise in different fields of adult education.
Adult learning and adult education. Adult Education philosophy and history, policy and legislation. Framework of adult learning and adult education. Philosophical, social and multicultural aspects of adult education. National regulations and European policy of Adult Education((EU, OECD, UNESCO). Adults Learning: international trends and key figures (PIAAC). Providers of formal, informal and non-formal adult education. Applications of adult learning approaches and theories in various fields of adult education. The profession and practice of adult education. Professionalisation of adult education and adult educators.
During the course learners identify and analyse main aspects including international developments of the foundations of adult education, the diversity in characteristics of adult learners, the various fields and contexts of adult education, and basic adult learning theories.
Learners engage in interactive activities and assignments as they examine the various problems related to adult learning and education in PBL groups.
PBL/ adult learning and education: current situation, problems and directions of development.
Course will be combined with face to face session, field trips, discussion and learning in small groups and problem-based learning sessioon.
Learning outcomes in the course
Upon completing the course the student:
- analyses adult education trends and understand the learning opportunities for adults in the variety of adult education field;
- understands the basic theories of adult learning and analysis various theoretical concepts;
- understands and analyse foundations of adult learning and adult education;
- analyses and discuss critically adult education developments in the context of adult learning and lifelong learning context.
Larissa Jõgi, PhD, Anja Heikkinen, Tampere Ülikooli, Sigrid Aruväli, MA
Prerequisite course 1
Additional information
Course material will be uploaded in course DRIVE
Individual and group assignments vary throughout the course and final grade will comprise of problem-based learning group assignment.
Individual assignments require reading course texts including various materials (research, reports etc), revuew the texts, writing reflective paper and participating in PBL group discussions; peer assessment.
All assignments need to be submitted on time as these are an input for discussions and new topics. Assignments are prerequisite for the PBL group work.