Adult Education Centers and Target Groups
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Täiskasvanukoolituse keskused ja sihtgrupid
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Adult Education Centers and Target Groups
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lecturer of 2021/2022  Autumn semester
Ann Leppiman (language of instruction:Estonian)
lecturer of 2021/2022  Spring semester
lecturer not assigned
Course aims
To create opportunities for understanding the activities of adult education centers. To distinguish between adult education centers’ specializations and goals as well as the main processes involved. To raise awareness of the learning needs and opportunities of various target groups of adult education, including risk groups. To develop analytical reasoning by analyzing trends in adult education, framework documents and literature.
Brief description of the course
The role and function of adult education centers in lifelong learning and the creation of adult learning opportunities (national, regional and international aspects) for all, including different target groups: riskgroups: unemployed, young people at risk, refugees, prisoners.
Learning outcomes in the course
Upon completing the course the student:
- understands and compares the roles of adult education centers, the content and principles of activities, regulations and perspectives in the context of lifelong learning;
- recognizes the various target groups of adult education, including risk groups, their learning needs and opportunities;
- can see the connections between adult education and what is happening in Estonia and world trends;
- can make substantiated, evidence-based (development) proposals for adult education (incl. Risk groups).
Ann Leppiman, MA, Maricarmen Rodriguez-Sööt, külalislektor
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