Supporting Trauma Children
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Laste traumajärgne toetamine
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Supporting Trauma Children
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Course aims
- Create opportunities to gain an overview of brain development in connection with trauma
- Support the acquisition of different strategies to support students?
Brief description of the course
This course will provide participants with an introduction to trauma and how that trauma dramatically alters the development of the brain. Questions explored in this course will include: What is trauma? How does it damage the brain? Can that damage be reversed? What strategies are needed to support students? And, how do I care for myself while supporting students who have deep needs? What is the role of the teacher in the life of a child who has been impacted by a traumatic event? What are best classroom practices to meet the needs of students dealing with trauma?
To answer these questions, participants will all take the Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) 10-question survey to evaluate their own experiences. Their results will be viewed in light of national findings from the United States and my own study with teachers in teacher preparation programs. Participants will immerse themselves in the subject by reading studies and exploring the experiences of students who have been impacted by trauma and participate in authentic scenarios. Students will create and practice strategies and classroom practices that are trauma-sensitive. Students will create a Student Support Portfolio.

Learning outcomes in the course
Upon completing the course the student:
- understands Adverse Childhood Experiences;
- understands how those experiences impact brain development;
- is able to create a safe and welcoming classroom environment to support all students;
- is able to identify and implement strategies to help students self-regulate their emotions.
Brenda Marie Morton, külalislektor USA-st
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