School Readiness and Learning at Primary School
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Koolivalmidus ja õppimine põhikooli I astmes
Course title in English
School Readiness and Learning at Primary School
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lecturer of 2018/2019  Spring semester
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Course aims
The course is on the list of obligatory subjects of the pre-school educator’s curriculum.
The course provides an overview of the essence of school readiness, its different aspects, learning and development of learning readiness in pre-school age, basic school I stage curriculum and special features of teaching at this stage.
Brief description of the course
The meaning of school readiness and its different aspects, experience and opportunities to determine school readiness. Development of learning readiness in pre-school age. Smooth shift from kindergarten to school: importance of cooperation between kindergarten and school.
The objective and role of I basic school stage. Guiding the child from playful activities to understanding activities involving work. Obtaining knowledge at I stage of school. Building the foundation for learning skills. Reading, writing, and calculating as the first skills and future basic skills. Differences between the outlook of a child and grown-up, structure of the outlooks. The role of the school in changing the structure of the outlook.
Independent work
Conducting school readiness tests, analysis of tests, a review.
Learning outcomes in the course
Knows the National Curriculum for Early Childhood Education and its implementation possibilities;
Can define the child’s level of school readiness;
Knows the specific features of teaching that create preconditions for a smooth transfer from kindergarten to school;
Is able to orientate in the curriculum for grades 1-3 and guarantee a smooth transfer from kindergarten to school.

Assessment methods
Pass-fail Assessment.

lekt Kerstin Kööp
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