History of Islam
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Islami ajalugu
Course title in English
History of Islam
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Course aims
To create a comprehensive understanding about historic development of Islam. Create opportunities to compare and analyze different stages of development in Islam.
Brief description of the course
Systematic overview of the history of Islam starting with prophet Muḥammad's biography. Course is divided into four main topics: the prophet of Islam and the first four Caliphs; classical Islamic theology, law and the sects; Islam in Ottoman Empire and place of a woman in an Islamic society with the example of Turkish Republic. The thematic focus may change each year according to the preferences of the lecturer.
Learning outcomes in the course
Upon completing the course the student:
- has systematic knowledge about the history of Islamic history and literature accordingly;
- has practical skills to compare different periods in the history of Islam;
- has ability to point out and analyze the influence of history on modern times' developments in the Islamic world.
Üllar Peterson