Modern Turkish Literature
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Uuem türgi kirjandus
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Modern Turkish Literature
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Course aims
To give an overview of the literature in the Turkish Republic after 1950. The course guarantees stundents of the Turkish branch of the Asian Cultural Studies basic knowledges a) for attending the course Turkish Novel 1923–80 in our university; b) for attending courses related with Newer Turkish Literature in the other universities; c) writing bachelor theses on the aforementioned theme.
Brief description of the course
The subject comprises of 12 lectures and 3 workshops. Themes of lectures will be a poetry, a play and a short story in the Turkish Republic after 1950, a novel after 1980. Of short story writers more profoundly the works of Aziz Nesin, Fakir Baykurt, Bekir Yılmaz and Bilge Karasu will be analysed, of the novel writers the same will apply for O. Pamuk's, Y.Kemal's, A. Altan's, B. Uzuner's, A. İlhan's, A. Kulin's and E. Şafak's works. In seminars a) the A. Nesin's short stories, published in Estonian and novels of Turkish female writers; b) the most known novel of O. Pamuk; c) novels from Y.Kemal and A.Kulin will be discussed.
Learning outcomes in the course
Upon completing the course the student:
- has necessary knowledge enabling him to attend Newer Turkish Literature thematic lectures in other universities; a skill to examine on their own themes connected with the aferementioned theme.
Tanno Tilgar