Vedic Literature
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Veedade ja tehniline kirjandus
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Vedic Literature
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Course aims
To examine the sacred Vedic literature of India and myriad of so-called technical (scientific) literature that arises from Vedic literature (law, grammar, historiography, politics, eroticism, philosophy etc.).
Brief description of the course
Lectures start with Vedic era (1200-500 BC) and Vedic literature, religious and philosophical literature, which is a base for all subsequent classical Indian culture. Lectures deal with three main textual layers: vedas, brahmanas and āranyakas, upanishads. We also focus on the mythology of the Rgveda, magic of Atharvaveda and rituals of Yajurveda. Next we look into the technical literature: traditional laws on dharmasutras and smritis; historical writings and inscriptions; school of grammar by Panini; politics of Arthasastra; medical theories of Ayurveda; philosophical writings and erotic literature (Kamasutra).
Learning outcomes in the course
Upon completing the course the student:
- has the ability to distinguish the important Vedic literary genres;
- has the knowledge further independent analysis of religion;
- has the ability to read literary texts of the Vedas
Martti Kalda