German Literature and Models of Reading
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German Literature and Models of Reading
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lecturer of 2019/2020  Autumn semester
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lecturer of 2019/2020  Spring semester
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Course aims
To form an understanding of models of reading and literary schools, trends and ideas to provide knowledge of the development of German literature and criticism. To introduce students into reading models as cultural techniques as well as contemporary methods of literary criticism and possibilities to interpret literary works through them. To form skill to evaluate new theoretical knowledge independently.
Brief description of the course
What happens when we read texts? Literature, its essence and goals, elements of the study of literature, different methods of approaching the analysis of literature, methods of creating a literary work. Study of literature and its components. Poetics (normative, immanent, descriptive, historical, structural poetics). Model of a literary work. Literature and psychology. Literature and other types of art. Academic schools in German literature science ( historical-cultural schools, psychological trends, historical-comparative study of literature, formal school structuralism, semiotic approaches, post structuralism).
Independent work
Independent work comprises the reading of compulsory theoretical literature and lecture notes, acquisition of the relevant terminology and compiling practical tasks.
Learning outcomes in the course
The students know and reflect the different reading models and methods to approach literature. The students are able to analyse literature in different ways.
Assessment methods
Written exam
Dotsent Maris Saagpakk
Study literature
Selected primary texts are announced at the beginning of the semestre.
ASSMANN, Aleida 2003. Erinnerungsräume. Forme und Wandlungen des kulturellen Gedächtnisses. München: Beck.
GENETTE, Gérard 1994. Die Erzählung. München: Fink UTB.
LOTMAN, Jurij M. 1972. Die Struktur literarischer Texte. München: Fink. (Структура художественного текста )
RAUTENBERG, Ursula; SCHNEIDER, Ute 2015. Lesen. Ein Handbuch. Berlin: De Gruyter.
WAGNER, Karl (toim) 2002. Moderne Erzähltheorie: Grundlagentexte von Henry James bis zur Gegenwart. Wien: WUV.
Valitud artiklid viimase viie aasta ajakirjadest.
Selected scientific articles from the last five years.
Replacement literature
Kursust ei saa asendada asenduskirjandusega.