Practical Chinese Language IV
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Course title in Estonian
Praktiline hiina keel IV
Course title in English
Practical Chinese Language IV
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Teaching semester
autumn - spring
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lecturer of 2020/2021  Autumn semester
õppejõud on määramata
lecturer of 2020/2021  Spring semester
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Course aims
The course aims to give a knowledge in all constituent skills in Chinese language level A2 in a practical way.
Brief description of the course
During the course students develop prerequisites for the acquisition of oral and written language skills in Chinese at A2 level. Course provides a thorough foundation in basic Mandarin Chinese by helping students to grasp basic skills of Mandarin Chinese: listening, speaking, reading and writing, as well as the cultural context in which the language is spoken.
Independent work
Student is expected to do all home assignments.
Learning outcomes in the course
Upon successful completion of this course, the student
• apprehends the topic of an exchange of ideas in an area familiar to her or him
• is able to participate in simple everyday communications if the conversation consists of simple and direct exchange of information on a topic as work, hobbies, spending holiday
• understands simple signs and notices in public places
• is able to read and write required 700 Chinese characters
• knows how to write simple personal letters
• knows how to fill out forms that require simple personal data to be entered.
Assessment methods
Student is expected to actively participate in all classes.
Grades will be assigned based on following criteria:
Particpatation: 5%
5 presentations during the class: 5%
5 essay writing task before the final exam: 5%
Final exam in the end of term (listening ,reading and writing (75%) and spoken test (25%): 85%
Zhuoya Wu
Additional information
Prerequisite course CIC6043.CI Practical Chinese Language III.
The content of lessons:
1.Comparison using the preposition “比 “
2. The time-measure complement
3. The complement of quantity
4.The resultative complement
5.Using “跟…… (不) 一样” to make a comparison
6.The structure “是…的”
7.Location words
8.Sentences indicating existence
9.Past experience
10.The action-measure complement
11. The structure “虽然…但是/可是…”
12.An action that is going to take place in a short time
13.The complex directional complement
14.Notional passive sentences
15.Changed circumstances
16.The progressive aspect of an action
17.The structure “不但…而且…”
18.The continuous aspect of an action or a state
19.The “被”sentence
20.The conditional construction “如果…就…”
21.The resultative complements “ 到” and “在”
22.The aspects of an action