Semiotics of Multimedia
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Multimeedia semiootika
Course title in English
Semiotics of Multimedia
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Teaching semester
autumn - spring
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lecturer of 2018/2019  Spring semester
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lecturer of 2019/2020  Autumn semester
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Course aims
This course creates the premises for students’ general semiotic competence, for the ability of conceptualizing multimedial processes in the broader cultural system, and analyzing multimedial phenomena from the viewpoint of semiotic models.
Brief description of the course
The first half of the course gives an overview of the basic research questions and terms of semiotics as a discipline and of the main mechanisms of cultural dynamics. In addition, it focuses on the field of meaning of the notions of medium, media and modality and describes the cultural semiotic approach to the fundamental cultural polyglotism, exemplifying it with various multimodal phenomena through the histories of culture and media.
The second half of the course gives an overview of diverse textual strategies in the contemporary culture, focusing on multimediality and opening the diverse ways of conceptualizing multimediality.
The lectures are accompanied with practical examples and a share of each meeting is dedicated to group analyses or creative tasks.
Independent work
Reading assignments and short analytical essays.
Learning outcomes in the course
Students are able to conceptualize multimedial phenomena in the background of a wider cultural process, understand the diverse multimedial strategies applied in contemporary culture, are acquainted with the general mechanisms of cultural dynamics and the principles of mediated and nonmediated communication. They are familiar with the central terms of semiotics as well as with the starting points and research questions of semiotic analysis.
Assessment methods
Exam (written essay).
Maarja Ojamaa, PhD (Semiotics and Culture Studies)
Study literature
1. Juri Lotman 2009. Culture and explosion. Berlin, New York: Mouton de Gruyter.
2. Randall Packer and Ken Jordan (Eds.) 2002. Multimedia: from Wagner to Virtual Reality. New York, London: Norton.
3. Gunther Kress 2010. Multimodality. A Social Semiotic Approach to Contemporary Communication. London, New York: Routledge.
Additional information
Written essay. It is also obligatory to attend 75% of the contact hours.