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autumn - spring
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lecturer of 2019/2020  Autumn semester
Andres Jõesaar (inglise keel) tavaline kursus
lecturer of 2019/2020  Spring semester
lecturer not assigned
Course aims
The goal of the course is to provide students the general overview of the main theoretical concepts of television advertising and to teach practical skills needed in TV-commercials production.
Brief description of the course
Besides the classroom lectures about different theoretical approaches to advertisement students have to produce two storyboards for TV-adds. One will be commercial TV-spot for some product or service and the other task is to produce social advertisement. Both spots must be in compliance with Advertising Act.
Independent work
The practical production assignment is to produce real TV-advertisment clip.
Learning outcomes in the course
After completing the course students know the basic theoretical concepts of advertisement, have overview of television advertising production process and are able to produce TV-commercials.
Assessment methods
Two practical assignments, storyboard analysis, in class presentation, final production.
Andres Jõesaar. PhD
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