Advanced Legal Research and Writing
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Õigusalane uurimistöö ja kirjutamine
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Advanced Legal Research and Writing
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lecturer of 2019/2020  Autumn semester
õppejõud on määramata
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Course aims
The objective of the course is to refine a student’s legal research and writing skills completely so a student is well prepared to conduct scholarly legal research.
Brief description of the course
The most important perspective on legal writing is that of the reader. Through extensive practice, feedback, peer review, and review of excerpts from legal journal articles, legal pleadings and other documents, students in this course will continue to develop their skills in effective writing and analysis while learning how to increase the likelihood that the message they intended to send is the message received by their readers. Coursework will include writing exercises, revisions of existing legal documents, and peer editing. The course will cumulate in a final writing project conducted in collaboration with a member of the teaching and research staff in an area of scholarly research that is of mutual interest.
Independent work
Research assignments, writing assignments, final writing project.
Learning outcomes in the course
Have developd high level legal research and writing skills.
Be well prepared to engage in scholarly research and writing for peer reviewed publications.
Assessment methods
One final writing project.
Individual or group problem solving exercises, case presentations/analysis and discussions as detailed in the course program.
Samuli Miettinen
Study literature
Advanced Legal Writing: Theories and Strategies in Persuasive Writing, 3rd Edition. Smith, M. Wolters Kluwer Law and Business Publishers, New York, NY USA. 2013.